How To Build And Sell Products Online

In this training, I am going to give you a full overview of the product creation and product selling process we have been using in my company for the past couple of years.

If you are not selling products online, this lesson will give you a thorough overview of what you need to do to be successful with your product sales.

The lessons presented here are the best practices I have learned after building and selling over 80 products online since 2010.

1 – Introduction:

Creating a product is not just about generating revenue in your business. This is a reputation and brand building opportunity. It is your chance to stand out from the crowd. Don’t be lazy or do things half assed. Bring your A game and just put everything into it. Too many people want to hack their work because they believe you can be lazy as an internet business owner and still succeed. YES you can scale and outsource your business but business fundamentals STILL apply. Quality. Customer service. Professionalism.

2 – Developing Product Ideas:

What problems have you solved? Look at your skills and talents. What can you bring to the table that other people will appreciate (i.e. speaking, videos, etc… are something a lot of people look to me as a leader for)? If you are good a programming, your path of least resistance is app/software development. Focus on solutions for buyers in your market.

3 – Creating Your Product:

This will come down to the type of product. If its software, you obviously need your development environment. If it is an informational product, you can use mind maps, documents, audio, video.

4 – Packaging The Product:

Your product packaging includes how you zip it, how you present it with ecovers, etc… Make sure you use a universally compatible zip compressor. On the Mac, I use YemuZip to make sure Windows clients can unzip the files. Make the file/folder structure of your product clean and easy to navigate. Consider including a welcome video for branding purposes. Remind them where to get support if needed (See example in video 4.)

5 – Hosting The Product Files:

Using a cheap Hostgator style server might be ok for small products and small launches. If you plan to have a ton of sales, make sure you host your files on a trusted server. Amazon s3 and Cloudfront services are very cost effective ways to deliver files to your clients with a ton of reliability.

6 – Selling The Product:

The entire selling process is a training in itself. There are many courses that teach this kind of thing. In general you have to make sure you have the following tasks in order.

Writing sales copy: when you first get started selling products, you can do this yourself. Just do your best to have a good headline, talk about the problem you are solving, a detailed description of your solution and exactly what they are buying.

Design the sales page: you can use other sales pages for inspiration. If you have any WordPress experience, you can use a good sales based theme to make simple sales pages that look nice.

Create buy buttons: whether you are using Paypal or another payment processor, you want to make sure you have a well tested system in place to accept payment.

Create upsells: If you can create a logical upsell to your main product, make sure you do it. A large percentage of profit is made here. Make sure you spend equal time on your upsell sales copy and sales page design.

Customer list: make sure you have a system in place to capture your buyers email addresses and add them to a “buyers list”.

Sample: Here are some examples of a few of our sales pages for PLR launches we have done:
Fired Up – Self Help PLR

Video Marketing PLR

Sample: Here are replicated upsell pages for the above promotions:
Fired Up-Self Help Upgrade

Video Marketing PLR Upgrade

7 – Download Pages:

Thank your buyers (this is your chance to brand and build trust). I recommend a video thank you for strong branding. Make sure you have clearly visible download links. Take the opportunity to promote your upgrade/upsell offer if applicable. Also promote other offers like your membership site(s).

Here is a replicated download page for the Video Marketing PLR sample listed above: 

Video Marketing PLR Download

8 – Affiliate Promotions:

Find JV partners to help promote your product (this takes time, going to events, joining forums, etc..,) Create a page for JV affiliates: This is a page that allows you to explain your product, the launch date and details, how to promote the product and so on.

Have a JV autoresponder list: offer commission bumps to people on your JV list.
Affiliate tracking: use a system like JV Zoo for instant payouts. Make sure you know your affiliates for JV Zoo instant payouts to avoid getting scammed (see video 8).
Offer healthy commissions: affiliates have the asset you need…an audience. For certain affiliates, you might want to offer to put their opt in on your download page.

9 – Customer Service And Support:

Make your support email address or helpdesk URL available as often as possible. You can do the support yourself, hire someone, or both… but supporting your buyers is AS important as the sale.
EMBRACE questions, complaints, problems. This is an opportunity to be a star to earn trust. This will give you ideas for version 2, a new product, etc…

10 – Measuring ROI On Product Development:

Don’t be too short sighted with your product success.
There is the launch amount and sometimes it wont be what you expect.
Measure it after the course of a year.
How well you sell it over time, how you use it for other opportunities like list building, bonuses, etc…
Make sure you have a regular website with a long term google strategy to host your product. Don’t rely just on the launch.

Please leave me a comment to let me know if this information was helpful to you. Also please ask any of your questions in the comments section as well!