PLR Q&A Session 2 – Customizing PLR and Using A Pen Name

In these video sessions, I will be answering questions that I have collected from some of our PLR customers. Many of the questions are very likely on the minds of a lot of other people so I will be taking some time to answer them in as much depth as possible.

Session 2 – Question:

1. To what degree should the PLR material be edited in order for it to be considered as unique content and what do you suggest as the best method for editing written material.(sorry, that’s already 2 questions!)

2. If you use PLR material to create a product in a niche other than your main niche, do you advise creating a pen-name so that contact appears more personal or just emailing your list under a company style name,e.g Weight Loss Advisors?


Session 2 – Video Reply: