PLR Q&A Session 7 – Do I Need To Modify ALL PLR?

In these video sessions, I will be answering questions that I have collected from some of our PLR customers. Many of the questions are very likely on the minds of a lot of other people so I will be taking some time to answer them in as much depth as possible.

Session 7 – Question:

1. When using a large PLR package (i.e. your Resolution Revolution), is it enough to change the cover/header graphics/footer links, etc (I made them more “feminine”)and some of the main product(s) content? … or should I significantly modify the blog posts, etc? Your content is high quality and “usable” as is, so I don’t want to “fix it when it ain’t broken”!

2. Do you have any suggestions for someone (me!) just getting into the Personal Development niche, with regard to marketing products that are/will be predominately based on high quality PLR with my own “customizations”, bonuses, etc. I’m looking into Facebook as a place to start … any thoughts?

Session 7 – Video Reply: