Guest Lecture – Chad Fullerton Freelance Part 3

Bootstrap Freelancing – Private Training Session

Part 3 – The Credibility Model…

In the third and final part of this 3-part private training series, Chad Fullerton joined us to talk about the “credibility model”. This presentation covers his top 20 proven ways to drive traffic to your website and attract clients using various no-cost and inexpensive methods.

He then shows you how to build credibility with those new leads, using PLR.

Then, in the second half of the presentation, I joined Chad to have an open discussion about building and engaging your list to build long term relationships with your clients. A MUST watch if you are looking for tips on list building and list engagement.

The following video is a private training session delivered by Chad Fullerton of Fullerton Media. Chad typically charges for these sessions but he made this session free for Best Quality PLR members…