Video Marketing Expert – Private Deep Dive

Welcome to an exlusive members-only training resource courtesy of Best Quality PLR and our special guest Derral Eves.

Derral sat down with Justin Popovic from Best Quality PLR for a private training session about content marketing, and specifically, how to use video to grow your brand.

After we ran an open public session (click here to view the first session), there were TONS of questions from a lot of excited viewers. Derral was nice enough to run a second “deep dive” session where he answered dozens of questions about video marketing, how to grow your channel, how to build your list with video and MUCH MUCH more!

Derral is number 1 in his space as a Youtube marketing expert. You can subscribe to his channel here –>

Members can stream OR download this session with Derral below.


Here is a sample of just SOME of the questions that were covered…

— I have a lot of customers who have a technical background (programming, video editing, website building, etc…) What kind of services could they offer as contractors or freelancers when it comes to video marketing?

— Is it better to use videos to grow/engage your audience and reserve the calls-to-action in video for list building. THEN once you have people on your list, make offers and promotions via email marketing? Or is it ok to promote offers right inside a video?

— Google Hangouts seem to be the new “in thing” for Google page ranking. Does Derral use Hangouts or have thoughts on them?

— if the end goal is to get more clients via expert positioning, what advice would you give a videographer as the strongest way to differentiate and distinguish themselves in providing video creation/script development to paying customers?

— What does it mean to build your Avatar?

— is seo dead

— How to use this in relation to PLR content – tools to get started

— Derral said to watch the analytics of videos and edit out portions to “keep them watching”. After a video is posted, can it be edited and keep the same URL, or would the original have to be removed and the edited video uploaded with a new URL? If the latter, besides being cumbersome, how does one deal with broken links of removed videos. (Does YouTube have redirects available?)

— I noticed that references YouTube only. Will there be any suggestions relative to Google+ and Google Hangouts or is Hangouts not considered to be a worthy platform.

— Does video promotional software, and automated submission; have a place in Derrals marketing tool kit.