Graphics Expert Lesson – Guest Training Video

Welcome to an exlusive members-only training resource courtesy of Best Quality PLR and our special guest Brad Gosse.

Brad sat down with Justin Popovic from Best Quality PLR for a private training session called the “graphics primer”.

Graphics and design are a HUGE component of building your online brand. Whether you sell coaching, info products, training, physical products or anything else, the success of your web presence can be hugely influence by the “look and feel” of your pages/sites.

In this training session, Brad covers some very specific tips and concepts that you will want to make sure you familiarize yourself with when it comes to your graphics and design. The high level points Brad covers include the following

  • The various graphics formats
  • When/where to use each format
  • How to reduce file sizes to increase web page performance
  • Cool search optimization tricks you can use with your graphics

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