PLR vs. High Ticket Product Licensing

The Done-For-You Dilemma In The PLR Business

In today’s post I want to address an objection that comes up from time to time in our business. As a company that sells unbranded content (private label content), we meet a wide range of customers with an even wider range of needs and expectations.

Every so often we have customers who want to purchase from us, but decide against it. The key objection… our PLR product does not dive deep enough into the topic at hand to be a “ready-to-sell” in-depth course.

In other words, our PLR package has enough information to teach the end reader the “fundamentals” of a specific topic. But there isn’t enough content to make it  “deep dive” style of program.

And guess what: they are right!

Our PLR programs, and, are built around the model of providing what I like to call “baseline content”.

We create good quality content and include marketing materials, graphics and additional tools that you can use as the “baseline” for your own creations.

In some cases, the content can be used as-is and it works perfectly for our customer. In other cases, the end goal is to build something a bit more complex, so our customer starts with our PLR and adds to it.

Question: What Is Your End Goal With Your PLR Purchase?

If you want a PLR package that is incredibly in-depth and covers advanced level knowledge on a topic, then you will likely have to be prepared to spend a significant amount of money.

For example, I have a friend who runs a large membership program and has a very big customer list. He found a course that was selling online and he personally LOVED the topic and the teaching style. Instead of becoming an affiliate for the product, he licensed the course. In other words, he approached the program creator and cut a deal that allowed him to sell the program as his own. The license cost him a significant amount of money (5 figure range). But it was well worth it because the training was incredible and his list was large enough that he recovered his investment many times over.

But the key here is the investment. He wanted a SUPER in-depth program that was developed and delivered by high paid experts in a particular field. He had to shell out big dollars to license the program.

MOST people I talk to either don’t have that kind of budget, or simply don’t want to risk that kind of money.

So, how could you do something similar for a significantly lower investment?

Check out the following video where I explain a scenario where you could achieve a similar result for a few hundred dollars (versus MANY thousands).

Key Points From The Video (using Freelance Freedom as example)

  • Cost $77
  • Asset Acquisition: An intro product perfect for people interested in Freelancing
    • 6000 word ebook covering the essentials of freelancing
    • 10 marketing articles about freelancing
    • 1500 word marketing report
    • Pre-made check list of main teachable points from the ebook
    • Trainer slide deck
    • Editable infographic for marketing
    • 30 custom built marketing posters
    • 10 pre-made email messages
    • Sales, Squeeze, Download page pre-made
  • By combining various components of the PLR pacakge, you can build a more in depth ebook
  • For a few hundred dollars, you can hire a writer/researcher to make the ebook dive deeper
  • For a fraction of the cost of true “licensing”, you can have a deep dive product that you can charge a premium for
  • For example…
    • $77 investment for the PLR package
    • $200 to hire a researcher/writer to make your ebook more in depth
    • Price the end product at $497 (or even $297)
    • You recover your product creation investment with 1 sale

Is this PLR package a good investment?

If you don’t have the means to monetize it… NO!

BUT, the risk is extremely low ($77) versus the cost of premium licensing (5 figure range).

Hopefully this example has given you more to think about when it comes to the world of PLR and white label content.

IF you can find good quality content for a reasonable price AND you have an implementation plan to monetize the content within the context of your business, the PLR you buy can be one of the most profitable investments you make.

Final Thoughts And Additional Notes About PLR Implementation…

With 4+ years in the content creation (PLR) business, we have seen some excellent examples of business owners putting our content to great use.

It seems that the people who get the most value out of PLR content are those who have a plan and have systems in place to follow through and execute on that plan.

The plan typically involves the following process:
1. Break down the PLR into usable components for their business
2. Rework the PLR into a format that matches their voice/branding
3. Sell new products/services and generate revenue based on the material created in step 2

This is an overly simplified look at the process but the point is this… The people who get the most value out of PLR content are those who find a way to have it work for them. They pay a relatively small price for the content and make many times their money back once the content is in place.

For an overview of the most common PLR implementation scenarios along with some case studies and real world examples, check out the following post

Thanks For Reading,
Justin Popovic, Best Quality PLR