Create A Membership Site With Free Plugins

Welcome to an exlusive members-only training resource courtesy of Best Quality PLR and our special guest Mark Hunter.

Mark sat down with Justin over Skype and shared a great behind-the-scenes style training lesson about how you can use a basic WordPress site along with some free plugins to build your own membership site.

This is a FAST-PACED training designed to give you an overview.

In this video, Mark will show you how to take a basic WordPress Site and do the following:
– Install a series of free plugins that will help build/run a member based site
– Quickly build all of the pages for a member site in a fraction of the time it likely takes you now
– Walk through a sample scenario of a type of business scenario where a member site would make sense
– An awesome trick you can use to test the functions of your member site simulating various member levels

NOTE– Pay special attention at the 11:30 mark of the video: At this point Mark shows a great trick you can use to create a BUNCH of blog pages/posts all at once.

PLR Example: Let’s say you have 20 PLR articles siting on your hard drive. You could quickly create 20 blog posts and paste in the contents using Mark’s technique. You would have 20 posts live on your site in a matter of minutes (max).

(Click Here For A Downloadable Version)

Want a copy of Mark’s slides and his list of plugins? You can hop on his list and he will send you those right away. He’s a great guy to be in touch with when you need tech advice/tips INCLUDING “how to use/implement PLR”!!


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