What We Go Through As Entrepreneurs

Building an online business is both exciting and, at times, very frustrating. Most people who commit themselves to building a successful business will go through a variety of phases of development.

But a good chunk of the time, especially in the early days, entrepreneurs have to battle through loads of self doubt, roadblocks, problems and the realization that many of their original plans are not going to pan out!

As you may have seen/experienced, a huge number of people end up either:

  • a) giving up, or…
  • b) changing direction and discarding what may have a been a great idea, way before it had a chance to bloom

The fact is, most successful projects (and this is especially true with online businesses) take far more time to gain momentum than originally anticipated.

In our PLR business, we make an ongoing effort to reach out to our customers and find out how we can better serve their needs (either with our content, training or referrals to resources who can help them).

A lot of the questions we encounter come from online business owners who are trying to put all the pieces together to really make their business profitable. More often than not, we see people with great ideas and great business concepts… but they are also very confused/overwhelmed about HOW to put all the pieces together to turn those ideas into a profitable online venture.

What’s worse… there is SO much information and advice available that the entrepreneur doesn’t know which direction to go.

Of course, there is no “one size fits all” solution for these folks. And that is not what I want to address here anyways.

The bottom line is – they WILL figure it out if they are committed enough.

If you can relate to ANY of the above (I know I can), then there is something MORE important than persistence and finding a tactical path to success.

At that is to understand the emotional experience of what you are likely to go through as you build your business. If you fail to do this, those dark days might get the best of you and cause you to quit before making your entrepreneurial goals a reality.

In the following video, I’d like to share some of my personal experiences about what happens when you attempt to turn a great business idea into a reality. And believe me, it is not all fun and excitement. In fact, at times it is quite the opposite…

Some time after I made the video message above, I was introduced to the concept called “The Emotional Cycle Of Change” coined by organizational change expert Daryl Conner.

He has a fantastic, thorough breakdown of the process I talk about in my video above. For extra insight on this topic, be sure to check out his post called Change Is Easy When People Like It, Right?

I hope this text/video report gives you some insight and perspective to help you on your business building journey. I’d love to hear from you in the comments below 🙂

Thanks For Reading & Watching,
Justin Popovic, Best Quality PLR