Use PLR To Improve The Quality Of Your Leads

Advertising on platforms like Facebook can be very powerful. You can run ads for an exact market based on ANY demographic or interest. This is the first step in finding super high quality leads.

BUT… WHAT you advertise and HOW you acquire your subscriber is equally important.

Here is a traditional approach many marketers have used with a platform like Facebook (our business included)…


This is a proven model and has worked well for MANY businesses in a variety of niches.

However… platforms like Facebook are cracking down on ads aimed for the sole purpose of lead generation. And if you think about it carefully, an ad on Facebook will probably have a longer lifespan if it advertises something with a bit more “value”

(NOTE: I am by no means an advertising expert so you will want to investigate this more for yourself. These comments are based on my personal observations and discussions with other advertisers)

For example, instead of having your ad send the visitor directly to an “opt in” form… why not send the visitor to a piece of high valued content that actively engages them and encourages them to stay on your page for a while?


(clicking the button THEN sends them to an opt-in page/form)

The DOWNSIDE obviously with this model is that your visitor now has to click a CONTINUE button before he/she sees the subscribe form to join your list. Naturally, this will likely reduce the total volume of subscribers you receive from your ads.

BUT… any subscriber who sticks around to watch the 12 minute free video AND subscribes to your list to get the full 60 minute version, is a MUCH higher quality lead.

This is an advertising strategy that ANYONE can apply and immediately improve the QUALITY of leads in their business.


Let’s use Best Quality PLR Content Bundle “WordPress Basics” as an example. This PLR package includes…

  • 10 Articles About WordPress Fundamentals
  • 2 Short Reports About WordPress Fundamentals
  • 10 Audio MP3 Tracks About WordPress Fundamentals
  • 20 Social Media Posters About WordPress Fundamentals

You could work with the content to create your own “value first” lead generation page. The image below is a simple example of a page where we take one of the audio files and publish it on our blog/site for free. Once the visitor listens to the great tips and advice from the audio, he/she will be far more likely to subscribe to our list to get more tips (the additional free tips you give away can simply by a collection of the audio/article content from the WordPress Basics PLR pack)


So… why not give it a shot? Take some good quality PLR and make a unique, high quality CONTENT RICH advertisement. Compare how your subscribers react and behave versus any of the traditional lead generation you may have been doing.

You might also want to check out our training video about the “contextual opt in approach“.

Thanks For Reading & Watching,
Justin Popovic, Best Quality PLR