PLR And A Blog To Deliver Lead Genertion Content

Lead Generation in a digital business usually involves giving away free content to attract potential customers…

A traditional model (that maybe you already use today) involves a “free give away”. For example, you offer a free PDF/ebook in exchange for someone’s name and email address. They join your list to get the freebie and later on you can send marketing messages to them.

Very common stuff.

However, have you ever considered switching up the format of your free content? So instead of sending a free video or PDF to your new subscriber, you send them to a hidden blog where you deliver the same content, but you get the added benefit of having that content reside on a much more dynamic platform (i.e. a WordPress page).

To some, even this example is nothing new.

BUT… I have a bit of a unique spin on this concept when it comes to using PLR to help you build out your lead generation material.

Watch the following training video to see for yourself…

Hopefully this gives you some food for thought and triggers some new ideas you can use to get more value from the PLR you own!

Thanks For Reading & Watching,
Justin Popovic, Best Quality PLR