2 Barriers To Success As A Business Owner


In the following audio segment, I use the example of the struggles of being a digital product creator to highlight the 2 main barriers to success that all of us face as entrepreneurs.

Of course, I offer some advice on how to OVERCOME these barriers as well:


Creating digital products and selling them online is a great business model, and you can be very successful and make great money doing it, but it comes with no shortage of struggles.

Like anything worth doing in life, there are going to be things that you have to overcome.

For me, I look at the struggles from a digital product creator’s perspective as there are two phases to the struggle we go through as product creators.

The first one is an internal battle, and the second is an external battle.  Let me explain what I mean by each of these and how I overcome them.

The first one, the internal battle, is basically this conversation that goes on inside of your head of all the different reasons why you can’t become a product creator.  Why you’re not worthy of taking your knowledge or experience or advice and packaging that up into an advice product, like a video course, eBook or audio program, and selling that to people.

There are going to be all kinds of conversations.  If you’ve never done this before, conversations literally happening inside of your head, telling you why this is a ridiculous idea.  Why nobody is going to give you money to do this.

You may even have people whispering in your ear, people in your social circles or your family circles, also ingraining that message even deeper, saying it’s a bad idea, and reinforcing that negative self-talk.

All that stuff is really just a lie.  It’s not true.  Because if you look around, there are all kinds of people, literally thousands of people, who take their knowledge, skills, experience and advice, package them up as digital products and sell them and make money online every single day.

Why are they worthy of doing that and you’re not?

If you have a skill that’s worth money, and I’m guessing you do right now.  If you’re a professional, if you’ve been working for somebody, your skills are worth money.  You’ve been drawing a salary, you’ve been making good money, hopefully.  They’re clearly worth money.

You’re just going to be packaging them up and selling them under your own name, as a product creator, rather than selling your time to a company for a salary.

That’s the big difference here.  Getting confident enough to know and believe and understand that your skills are worth money and you are certainly also allowed and capable and more than likely, able to succeed as somebody who can sell their own products online.

Realize that when you have this internal barrier, when you have these self-sabotage moments where you’re too scared or you don’t feel worthy enough or you don’t feel confident enough or even motivated enough to create the product, or maybe you’ve created it and now you don’t have the courage to actually put it up on a website for sale, all of those things are just internal barriers stopping you.

How you overcome them is actually the same for the external barriers, and I’m going to explain the external barriers first, and then I want to explain to you how you can overcome these things so that nothing can stop you from becoming a successful product creator.

Soon enough, you’ll be making money online selling your own products as well.  That’s the internal side of it.

The external barriers are just things you don’t know how to do yet. 

Let’s say you’re really good at fitness.  Maybe you even have some certifications on how to do personal training.  You can teach people how to become stronger, the proper techniques for lifting weights, for stretching, for taking care of their joints and body parts so that as they age they stay healthy, all that stuff.  Maybe all those skills fall into your realm.

Well, there’s nothing stopping you from creating a digital product, should you have the confidence to do it, and I’m assuming you do at this point, but maybe you don’t know how to turn all that knowledge into a video.

You go buy a camera, but now you’re on camera and you kind of lose the words.  You don’t know how to explain what you would normally explain in a one-on-one session with somebody.

Well, that’s a hurdle that can be overcome.  It’s an external barrier.  You don’t know how to do video yet.  Can you learn how to do video? 

Absolutely.  You’ve learned how to do millions of other things in your life.  There’s no reason why you can’t learn how to do this.

Let’s say you practice and practice, you spend a few days on it and now you’re finally confident enough to get on that video and you crank it out and you’ve got a 10-part video series that teaches people the fundamentals of personal training and becoming fit.  It’s looking really good, and your videos are ready to go.

Next hurdle.  Now that you have all these videos, how do you actually package those up into a downloadable product that you can start selling to people?

Well, if you’re not very techie, maybe you need to hire somebody or maybe you need to learn how to do it yourself.

Well, here’s a brand new external barrier standing in your way that is either going to stop you or you’re going to blast through that barrier by learning how to do all those steps.

Let’s say you learn how to do that.  The next step is you’ve got to learn how to develop a website and a sales page to tell people what your video course is all about and why you’re the kind of person they should be buying from.

Here’s another hurdle.  Do you know how to do the website design?  Probably not, if you’ve never done it before.

How about the buy button?  How about the download page?

There are all these different skills, external barriers, that may stop you.  They’re going to be a huge struggle in the beginning, but they may stop you from actually being successful at creating and selling products online.

However, your ability to overcome these barriers and these obstacles is absolute key to your success, not just in digital product creation but in life in general. 

How do you overcome the negative self-talk, and how do you overcome the lack of skill that’s currently stopping you from getting what you want in your life?

The easiest thing that I find to do is get some cheerleaders in your corner. 

Join a mastermind group.  Hire a mentor.  Hire a coach.  Start getting around other people who are going to help overcome, first, those internal barriers, that negative self-talk, and actually will replace that negative self-talk with encouraging messages for you.

People that are going to say, “Hey, this is a good idea.  You can do this.  You’re capable of doing this.  I believe in you as a person and I’m here to support you.”

Getting people in your corner and also people to hold you accountable.  If you tell them you want to create this product and then you admit to them that the only thing stopping you is your fear of putting yourself out there, well they’re going to hold you accountable and say, “Look, you said you wanted to do this.  Don’t let your fear or shyness or introvert nature stop you from being successful.”

If you get a team of people in your corner, not only can you overcome those internal barriers, those people can also connect you with the answers you need to overcome the external barriers.

You get to the point in the process where you’re creating your fitness video course and now it’s time to do the website, well maybe one of the people in your mastermind group or your cheerleading corner, whatever you want to call it, their brother or their cousin or they know somebody who’s really good with web design and they’re looking to help somebody out right now.

That may be all you need to overcome that external barrier as well; people.  The more people you get in your corner, rooting for you, helping you, the better of you’re going to be.

The key to making that happen is vulnerability.  You have to be willing to ask for what you need.

Know that all internal and external barriers can be overcome, but also know that it’s up to you to go and find the answers to those questions, and you do that by asking and asking as many people as you possibly can and asking as often as you possibly can.

You do that, and you’ll definitely overcome any obstacle standing in your way.