Pre-Sales Method For Promoting Affiliate Offers

In the following video demo, I show you a few examples of how to increase the performance of your affilaite promotions.

Let’s say, for example, that you have a course you really want to share with your customers/subscribers/friends. You plan to promote the program as an affiliate where you will earn 50% commission on all sales.

One approach is the volume approach where you send as many clicks as possible to the sales page. This method works and can definitely land you decent affiliate commissions if you are using email marketing or social media promotion.

Another approach is the pre-sales method where you send the traffic to a “pre-sales page” on your own website first. From there, you pre-qualify your traffic before sending them over to the program you are promoting.

With this second method you typically send fewer clicks but you will get a much HIGHER conversion.

NOTE — Everything I demo in this video can be done using PLR content. You can build your entire “pre-sales” bonus offer using PLR products/programs.