Special Offer: End Your Content Creation Struggles For Good With Our Library Of Hundreds of Customizable Products (And Growing)

Online Business Owner,

When it comes to selling your expertise online… in the form of products and services, it can often feel painfully complex and confusing.

But at the end of the day, there are just a handful of things you need to do well in order to build a successful online business…

  • Build your customer/prospect lists
  • Sell your own products/services
  • Promote other products/services as an affiliate
  • Drive traffic (free, paid, affiliate based)
  • Convert your traffic to leads/buyers
  • Innovate as you go and grow momentum

The problem is that each one of these skills is both an art and a science.
It takes a huge amount of time to master any one of them.

The difference between the online business owners who become successful from those who don’t ultimately comes down to leverage…



Let Me Ask You This…

  • Are you selling your own products online?
  • Are you constantly growing your customer list?
  • Are you partnering with other business owners to create new opportunity?
  • Are you adding bonus content to other offers to increase your exposure?
  • Are you selling recurring subscriptions like membership sites?

If you Answered ‘No’ to any of these questions: WHY NOT??

You can write articles and blog posts, build WordPress sites, improve your SEO, increase your social media presence, network with other marketers, buy info products, take coaching and courses and more.

But unless you are relentlessly taking action on the items listed above, there is a very good chance your business is NOT growing.

And it is probably going the opposite direction… dying.

Your Roadblocks…

So how do you make sure you don’t get left behind and that you are taking action doing the things you need to be doing to build a successful business?


The biggest roadblock you will face on your journey to grow a successful online business can be summed up in one word… CONTENT

Good content is the lifeblood of your business
Good content connects you with your audience
Good content enables you to build your customer list
Good content can generate thousands of dollars in sales (or more)
Your content is an extension of  YOU 
(and people buy “you” as much as they buy your products/services)

Do you want to work smarter as opposed to harder? Of course you do… because you know you need to in order to build a successful business (especially an online business)

That’s where we come in…

Working Smarter

Private Label Rights (PLR) content is one of the most powerful ways you can leverage your time so that instead of banging your fingers, hands and head against the keyboard…

… you are busy creating new offers, signing new clients, selling products, creating new partnerships and growing your list.

At Best Quality PLR we specialize in creating fully editable, high value information products and training programs for YOUR CUSTOMERS so you can save your time and make a lot more money.

Think of it as customizable or “rebrandable” content.

What Kind Of Products Do We Produce?

Here are just a few of our most recent products. We’re adding something new every week.

More products are added weekly.

The Advantages You Will Gain…

When you begin to implement our PLR products into your business, you will immediately give yourself the upper hand over your competition.


Because instead of having a limited number of products, programs and training courses to sell (usually limited by your time available to create them)… you will now have access to a massive library of pre-made material that you can use as a baseline to create your own suite of products for your customers!

The following are some of the key benefits you will realize as a member of Best Quality PLR:

More Sales With No Extra Effort

Because you are selling products/services (or both) online, you can ALWAYS beef up your offers by adding more “stuff”. Obviously, your customers are not going to buy more unless there is a good reason. 

When you have access to a huge library of high quality customizable products, you can quickly add additional offers into your sales funnel that you would not be able to sell otherwise.

Increase/Extend Your Expertise

Our PLR content can give you talking/teaching points that may go beyond your current scope of expertise.

For example, you may have a course that teaches presentation skills based on your experience. You could use our Presentation Skills PLR to add new stories, state case studies or offer other methodologies about presentation skills that your audience may benefit from in addition to your own home-grown material.

Real Help From A Real Team

We have had rapid growth since our inception in 2010. The main reason for this is because we have a relationship with our customers. Questions, feedback and input from our customers is what drives our product development and training programs. Our training library is always growing and adapting to meet the needs of our customers. In fact we have an entire Member Training section dedicated to helping our customer USE/IMPLEMENT the content they are downloading from us. 

Save Time On Content Creation

Whether you are creating a new course, an ebook, a physical book (or product), a blog post, presentation material or any other content for that matter…

…you can start with our PLR as a baseline and drastically reduce production time. We provide full ebooks, reports, graphics and supporting material so you don’t have to create it from scratch.

Next Level Idea Generation

As an online business owner, creating good content is a MUST but it isn’t always convenient. You don’t always have time to brainstorm brand new content that will make a connection and stick with your audience. Best Quality PLR provides you with enormous bank of pre-made material that you can browse through, pick up some inspiration and ideas and then USE as the starting point for a brand new piece of content.

New Content Released Regularly

If you take a look through our archives, you will see that we consistently released between 8 new PLR packs every single month from 3 different categories. 2 larger “funnel products”. 2 “content bundles”. 2 “reports” each month.

We know from experience that fresh content is a MUST and we take our role as your content provider very seriously. But don’t take my word for it, visit our archives and see for yourself.


You shouldn’t… yet.
Not until you’ve done your due diligence

And this page will help you do your research to learn about our team and our content creation business. 

In 2009-2010, we ran our own offline consulting business and a huge part of that business was creating training guides and videos to teach our clients how to become self sufficient.

In short, we had 100s of hours of on-the-job training creating content. So when we realized that many experts, consultants, coaches, trainers, etc… were struggling with content creation, we knew we had a great opportunity.

Creating Content is what we do. From our beginnings with blogging and training courses to our evolution into a full content licensing company, we have seen it all when it comes to product creation.

Some Facts About Us

  • Have been in the PLR business since 2010
  • Have custom built over 100 full PLR products
  • Have an extensive member training library
  • We build all of our content in house with staff we have hand picked
  • Custom build an average of 8 new products/month
  • Have over 5000 happy clients, many repeats
  • Owned by real people: Justin Popovic, Ted Payne, Brad Gosse
  • This is our full time business! We are passionate about our success AND YOURS (you gotta have both)


Unfortunately the term PLR has picked up a bit of a bad rap over the years.

And for good reason… there is a LOT of really poor quality PLR content on the market. And traditionally, in the past, people would buy “PLR articles” to help with basic blogging.

This does NOT mean you should abandon it!

Like ANYTHING in this world, there are good options and bad options for you to choose from and PLR is no different. When you realize that good PLR actually exists and it can help you grow your business, you can take this knowledge and use it to your advantage! If you think of PLR as “licensed content” that has been created for you as a baseline for your own unique content, you will now see it as a tool for your business development… as a source for your content creation!


Licensed Content

At Best Quality PLR, our clients view our products not as “typical PLR” but rather, as licensed content that can be used as a baseline to save time and energy in the creation of unique products (or any content really) consistent with their brand and expertise.

How Do You Use Our PLR Content To Actually Make Money…

Let’s cut to the chase.

I could sit here all day telling you about how long we’ve been in business or about all of the cool features we include in all of our products but none of that really matters unless you can get some kind of benefit from it.

The reason we have a large number of repeat customers is because they get REAL RESULTS with our content. There are actually hundreds of ways you could use our PLR content in your business but the people who get the most benefit typically use it as follows:

  • As a baseline to create a product, report, membership site update (to sell direct)
  • As bonus or upsell material to an existing product or training program
  • As pre-sales material to build a subscriber list and warm up the prospect before the sale
  • As viral content to spread the word about their brand and drive traffic back to their blogs/sales pages
  • To create physical products like books, DVDs, flyers and seminar handouts
But again… this is just the popular stuff. There are really no limits other than using the material within our license usage terms. And of course your own creativity. Please read our testimonial section to see some actual real-life examples from some of our customers talking about how they have been using our PLR in their business!

Here’s What You Get With Your Annual Membership…

Joining Today: When you join today, you get access to the BQP Members Area for a full year which includes ALL new PLR releases (8 per month as explained below)

Previous 90 Days Included: When you join today, you get 1 full year uninterrupted access to our program PLUS you can go back and download everything released in the past 90 days as well!

As a member, here’s what you get every month:

  • New PLR “Funnel” Product every second Friday . If purchasing individually, each funnel product retails at $77 per package. You get 2 of these every month.
  • New PLR Bundles” every second opposite Friday from our Funnel products.
  • New PLR “Report” every Wednesday
  • New Member Resources/Training on an ongoing basis

Massive Savings: Our typical PLR Product is $77 and a content bundle is $47 if you buy individually. You get 2 of each PLUS 4 Report PLR downloads, member training and future goodies…. for just $97/month or $997/year!

Summary Of The PLR Content You Receive Monthly…

2 X PLR Funnel Products

  • 6000 word ebook #1
  • 6000 word ebook #2
  • 10 articles related to ebook #1
  • 10 articles related to ebook #2
  • 1500 word intro report #1
  • 1500 word intro report #1
  • ebook summary checklist #1
  • ebook summary checklist #1
  • Content slide deck #1
  • Content slide deck #2
  • Editable infographic #1
  • Editable infographic #2
  • 20 Quote poster pack #1
  • 20 Quote poster pack #2
  • Pre-made email message 10 pack #1
  • Pre-made email message 10 pack #1

Sales page templates HTML format

2 X PLR Bundle Products

  • 10 article pack #1
  • 10 article pack #2
  • 2 summary reports pack #1
  • 2 summary reports pack #2
  • 10 audio recording pack #1
  • 10 audio recording pack #2
  • 20 Quote poster pack #1
  • 20 Quote poster pack #2

4 X PLR Reports

  • Report #1 document with resell rights + PLR
  • Report #2 document with resell rights + PLR
  • Report #3 document with resell rights + PLR
  • Report #4 document with resell rights + PLR

Monthly Membership

$97.00 / monthAdd

Annual Membership

$997.00 / yearAdd