Pre-Sales Method For Promoting Affiliate Offers

In the following video demo, I show you a few examples of how to increase the performance of your affilaite promotions. Let’s say, for example, that you have a course you really want to share with your customers/subscribers/friends. You plan to promote the program as an affiliate where you will earn 50% commission on all […]

Content Creation “Art” With PLR

In the following demo video, we use the analogy of content creation as “art”. When you really think about it, the content you produce to market your business MUST be both educational AND interesting. The more creatively you can package your information, the better. If you think of PLR as your “paint” and a simple […]

What We Go Through As Entrepreneurs

Building an online business is both exciting and, at times, very frustrating. Most people who commit themselves to building a successful business will go through a variety of phases of development. But a good chunk of the time, especially in the early days, entrepreneurs have to battle through loads of self doubt, roadblocks, problems and […]

Guest Lecture – Chad Fullerton Freelance Part 3

Bootstrap Freelancing – Private Training Session Part 3 – The Credibility Model… In the third and final part of this 3-part private training series, Chad Fullerton joined us to talk about the “credibility model”. This presentation covers his top 20 proven ways to drive traffic to your website and attract clients using various no-cost and […]