Implementing PLR – Full Example Using A BQP Product

We’ve received a lot of questions recently about some of our more recent PLR packages. In our effort to make our products and in-depth and complete as possible, we have also added a level of complexity that will require you to invest some time into training. The good news is, you can use the following […]

Using Putler To Manage Sales Data

Today’s member training item is about an excellent tool that I strongly believe ALL online business owners should be using. It is called Putler While our member training items are not typically “PLR Downloads”, today’s training has a bit of a PLR vibe. Here’s what we have put together for you: 1. A video presentation […]

Creating Membership Sites with DAP

This was originally a post on my personal blog and after having a number of discussions about using PLR to build membership sites, I thought it would be a good idea to post this as a “member resource” training item. For years, I always struggled with setting up membership sites. I tried free options, […]