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Here’s What You’re Getting

Lead Magnet Video – Video of the instructor asking for your prospects email address in exchange for a free yoga warm up video.

Warm-Up Video – 8 Minute warm-up video you can give away as a lead magnet to new prospects. Provided in full 1080P HD quality.

Seated Folds Video – 12 Minute seated series can be used on YouTube and other social media sites to attract visitors.

60 Minute Routine – This 1 hour video goes through a vigorous vinyasa flow routine, linking breath with movement.

75 Clip Art Cartoons – 75 Original vector graphics of men and women in yoga poses. Great for designing ebooks, stickers, social posts and more.

125 Social Media Graphics – Yoga pose demonstration images you can post on social media. Just add your watermark or url.

Stock Photo Bundle – CC Licensed stock images you can use in any way you want. Great for social media and page design.

HTML Sales Page – We made your sales page for you. Just link up the buy button and go.

Brand-able Infographic – Ready made yoga infographic you can put your website or contact info on. Easily add to the blank footer at the bottom.

How It Works

PLR is short for Private Label Rights. This means you can put your name on this product and sell it directly to the general public. All you have to do is download it, customize it to your liking or leave as is, upload and send traffic. You’ll instantly have a high converting in-demand product people need.Our products sell themselves. Thousands of business owners just like you choose BQP for their PLR content. Shouldn’t you?

Why Yoga?

Yoga is one of the fastest growing fitness categories in the world. Check out this cool infographic breaking down yoga statistics.

We Hired A Registered Yoga Teacher

We didn’t just put anyone in yoga pants on camera. 😉

We hired a registered yoga teacher because we care about quality, and bringing you the experts who know their category.

Michelle is a registered yoga teacher. She received her 200 Hour RYT from Himalaya Yoga Valley in Goa. She trained mainly in Ashtanga style yoga, as well as pranayama, chanting, meditation and Aryuveda. Today, her personal practice and teaching styles are inspired by the vinyasa-based principles of the Ashtanga yoga method. 

1080P HD Video Quality

These videos were shot on a 4K camera and shrunk to 1080P for impeccable high definition picture. We also provide you with smaller SD files. The 1080P videos take up over 12GB of space uncompressed. The smaller versions take up 3GB of space uncompressed.

You may choose to compress these, change formats, or edit them any way you see fit.

Bonus 1 Hour Guided Meditation Audio

As a special bonus, we’re including a 1 hour guided meditation audio MP3 you can sell or give as a bonus to your customers. This high bitrate MP3 is an outstanding addition to any product or membership.

Download Your Yoga Business Bundle Now

This package is VERY large. So you’ll need a fast connection to download it. The 1080P videos alone are over 12 GB. If your connection is slow this may take much longer to download than the average product. Also, make sure you have at least 20GB of free space.

Here’s a reminder of what you’re getting.

  • 60 Minute HD Yoga Video
  • 8 Minute HD Yoga Warm-up Video
  • 12 Minute HD Yoga Beginner Video
  • 14 Second HD Lead Magnet Video
  • 30 High-Resolution Yoga Stock Images
  • 75 Original Vector Clip Art Images
  • 125 Social Media Pose Images
  • Brand-able Yoga Pose Infographic
  • HTML Sales Page
  • 1 Hour Guided Meditation Audio

Store Price: $97
Wednesday Special: $47

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Here’s What You Can & Can’t Do With It

You Can

  • Add to a health/fitness membership site
  • Sell directly as a download
  • Sell DVD’s
  • Sell on USB Sticks
  • Use as paid app content
  • Sell through streaming services
  • Broadcast in a gym
  • Can claim full authorship
  • Edit the videos
  • Add your own content (commercials)
  • Give away the warm-up video to your leads
  • Give away the seated series video to your leads
  • Sell the clip-art
  • Sell the meditation audio or use as a bonus

You Can’t

  • Resell rights of any kind
  • Publish 60-minute video publicly
  • Give 60-minute video away free
  • Give rights to another party

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