Tip Slideshows Volume 2


Product Description

300 Slideshow Videos With PLR

Includes 50 1080P Mov videos ready to go with voice overs in 3 styles and 50 1080P MP4 videos with no sound in 3 styles, so you can add your own voice-overs or music.


Are You Struggling To Get Viral Traffic?

You need good content for your blogs and social media presence. Hiring writers sucks and PLR articles are just not good enough for people to want to share. That’s where we come in. Our slideshow videos, slides and infographics are ready to publish to your blog or social media.

Content like this gets shared more often because it’s generally helpful and doesn’t express political or religious opinions. Take a look around Facebook and Twitter today. What you see are slideshows. You want more traffic. Right?

You Already Know Slideshows Are Hot

All the major viral blogs are using them because they stick users and get the most shares. Now you can have the same sticky content sites like Buzzfeed, Unworthy, Viral Nova and more. Without paying a fortune for content creators.

Simply load your slides into your favorite slideshow plugin or add your own soundtrack to the MP4 videos and embed. You can even upload your finished videos to YouTube, Vimeo and other popular sharing sites.

People Share Helpful Content

Let’s face it. Your sales letter and landing page aren’t going to get shared. But your blog posts will if they offer helpful content. The kind of content that appeals to everyone. That’s what these “Life Hack” slideshows offer. Awesome content that’s easy to share and helpful.

People are far more likely to share videos over articles because they are fun to read and easy to digest.

What can you do with these?

  • Publish slideshows as blog content
  • Add voiceovers or music to the MP4 videos and publish to YouTube
  • Publish slide shows to social media
  • Add your own branding or advertising
  • Use as e-learning content
  • Sell finished work to clients

Here’s a sample video with voice over.

Take a look at most viral content online. Almost all of it is list based. Most headlines begin with 7 Reasons, 10 Tips, 9 Ways etc.

Check out the list of slideshow titles you’re getting:

  • 7 Bowling Tips
  • 7 Tips For Long Distance Relationships
  • 7 Tips For Vaping
  • 7 Tips On Asking A Girl On Date
  • 7 Tips On Finding A New Hair Stylist
  • 7 Tips On How To Not Be Tired
  • 7 Tips On How To Raise Your Credit Score
  • 8 Homework Tips
  • 8 Makeup Tips
  • 8 Poker Playing Tips
  • 8 Shaving Tips For Men
  • 8 Shaving Tips For Women
  • 8 Tips For Drawing
  • 8 Tips For How To Dress For An Interview Copy
  • 8 Tips On How To Be Happier
  • 8 Tips On How To Meditate
  • 8 Tips On How To Quit Smoking
  • 8 Tips To Help Your Hair Grow
  • 9 Driving Safety Tips
  • 9 Kayaking Safety Tips
  • 9 Tips For Gaining Weight
  • 9 Tips For Keeping Your House Clean
  • 9 Tips For Nausea
  • 9 Tips For Public Speaking
  • 9 Tips For Your Driving Test
  • 9 Tips On How To Ask For A Raise
  • 9 Tips On How To Eat Healthy
  • 9 Tips To Help You Fall Asleep
  • 9 Tips To Help You Stop Gambling
  • 9 Yoga Tips For Beginners
  • 10 Back To School Tips
  • 10 Money Saving Tips For Your Wedding
  • 10 Moving Tips
  • 10 Phone Interview Tips
  • 10 Tips For Constipation
  • 10 Tips For High School
  • 10 Tips For Insomnia
  • 10 Tips For Long Flights
  • 10 Tips For Parents
  • 10 Tips For Running A Marathon
  • 10 Tips For Younger Looking Skin
  • 10 Tips To Help You Quit Drinking
  • 10 Volleyball Tips
  • 11 Tips For Buying A Used Car
  • 11 Tips For Clear Skin
  • 11 Tips For Teachers
  • 12 Tips For Looking Good In Photos
  • 12 Tips For Vegas
  • 12 Tips For Your First Job
  • 15 Tips For College Students

To recap, you get 50 slideshows. Each comes in 3 unique designs (as shown below) with voice overs and without for a total of 300 videos.

Our License

[YES] Re-brand the slides
[YES] Insert your own ads
[YES] Publish to your blog
[YES] Publish to YouTube
[YES] Publish to social media
[YES] Publish to image share sites
[YES] Publish to paid membership sites
[YES] Sell your finished slideshows/videos
[YES] Edit for your clients

[NO] Resell or distribute the editable content
[NO] Resell or Reuse the images
[NO] Sell any rights